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While in France, historically, winter sports resorts has often been synonymous with buildings comprising mainly small apartments as studios or 2 rooms of modest size, the city of Chamonix is atypic, since it is a unique case of city / mountain ski resorts. Many types of Haussmannian buildings dotting the city center as well or even villages Praz and Argentiere.

It is mainly in this kind of residence MONT BLANC INVEST offers 5 Room apartments to buy. Other more recent buildings, close to the center, and intended mostly to main residences also offer large areas with many rooms for sale. There also the possibility to find a real estate with 5 or 6 rooms in a modern and new build residence, but the choice is never important.

These properties are scarce for sale but the real estate agency MONT BLANC INVEST always strives to provide to his clients buyers a property with four or more bedrooms from Les Houches up to Le Tour village.

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