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The 3 Room apartments currently for sale represent the main search of our client buyers who are looking for a property in the Chamonix Valley. New residences under construction are not mistaken and developers routinely offer a number of 3 Room apartments to buy.

A large clientele appreciates indeed a property with 2 bedrooms. The buyers of a second home will find a sufficient number of rooms to accommodate family and friends. Investors will receive many requests for rent and the apartment will be a good real estate investment with a good profitability.

A 2 Rooms + cabin with a size 40 m² located in a chalet along the slopes in Les Houches or Argentiere, or a vast 3 Rooms in a historic residence in the center of Chamonix, or a 3 Rooms in a modern new build residence… MONT BLANC INVEST offers a wide choice of 3 Rooms for sale.

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